Meet The People Behind The Scenes

TJ Ferris
President / Founder

TJ has worked in a variety of positions in the treatment industry over the last decade, primarily in a management capacity. In 2010 while working to improve call center performance at a 400+ bed facility, he came to learn that their process for collecting patient responsibility was flawed and underperforming by millions of dollars per year. Over a 6-month period and through a process of trial and error he developed a script and procedure to collect monies owed by the patient while they were still in treatment. Over time, he developed a procedure to convert clients to cash pay after the insurance benefits ran out, or when insurance was denied. The results were immediate. He took a position that had never yielded more than $40,000 from a single collector in a month and exceeded $150,000 in his first month, then consistently surpassed $200,000 per month thereafter. After a short while, TJ was put in charge of the collection team and began to transform the entire department, vastly improving performance and exceeding $10 million in annual collections company wide, in addition to the millions he began bringing in once he was put in charge of the Paid to Patient (P2P) division. Since then, TJ has gone on to implement this highly successful process at multiple other treatment facilities both large and small across the country with great success.​

Ray Di Iulio
Executive viCe president

Raymond Di Iulio has owned and operated businesses in the service/entertainment, real estate, and healthcare industries. Starting in 2009, he created an investment group focused on buying and rehabbing distressed properties. Over a two year period he was responsible for over 100 transactions totaling $23mm. Many properties were retained for income and a dozen or more were converted in sober homes under the brand Comfort House. This led to the purchase of a five acre compound with 100 beds located in Deerfield Beach, FL. The outgrowth of these acquisitions led to the creation of LakeHaven Recovery Center, a 130 bed treatment center in Pompano Beach, FL. Ray also started an AHCA licensed medical practice and a Health Source Wellness Center to service the healthcare needs of the recovery community. Raymond has been an active executive in the substance abuse treatment space for the past 6 years, giving him in depth knowledge of every aspect of the business, including the issues relating to collection of patient responsibility along and the challenges related to regulatory issues. LakeHaven Recovery consisted of a; PHP,IOP and OP coupled with sober living. In it’s tenure, it treated over 3,000 patients.

William Wahl
Chief Operating Officer

William is a graduate of Arizona State University. After a successful stint on Wall Street as a stockbroker, William began working in the substance use disorder industry. From his beginnings as a behavioral health technician and certified recovery coach, to the admissions director of a nationally recognized program, William is familiar with all aspects of the treatment process.  He brings with him to every interaction his extensive experience working in treatment.  William has expansive knowledge in health insurance specific to Behavioral Healthcare and has mastered the art of compassionately communicating these delicate topics to those in need.  

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