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Our service is a pitch designed in a way to reinforce a long length of stay for the patient. Obtaining deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, out-of-pocket expenses and travel expenses helps the centers to achieve a longer length of stay for the patients which directly boosts revenue. We also open new revenue streams by helping to convert insured patients to self pay once their benefits are denied, maxed out or termed.

We work with providers of all sizes across the country to form mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. Our services are fully scalable, capable of accommodating small standalone centers to large high-volume multi-location organizations and anywhere in between. Regardless of the size and scope of your facility, the professionals at The Revenue Solution will always take the time and care needed to work each and every case like it is our own.

TRS can fully onboard and begin servicing new clients as soon as the next day.

All of the funds that TRS accounts for go directly to the center. Checks, ACH, wires etc. are deposited into the centers bank and credit/debit transactions are receipted directly into the center’s merchant processor. All of TRS’ clients have full visibility and control of their funds.

Our clients understand this is an intimate partnership requiring integration with admissions/marketing, utilization review and clinical staff as it relates to the patients progress. Our orientation process outlines the challenges we will face together and provides the tools and skills required to allow your staff to continue providing top notch care.

Our on-boarding process will require integration with your marketing, admissions and clinical staff. You will be assigned a dedicated account rep that will initiate the integration and address any concerns that may arise in real time. When the transformation is complete, your staff will be in stricter compliance, clinicians will be free to focus on patient care and marketing and admissions will help drive higher revenues by improving the expectations set with your clients.

TRS conducts a thorough onboarding and orientation with both the facilities admissions and clinical staffs before getting started.  We give guidance on verbiage cues that increase the centers admissions, maintain compliance and leave the door open for future payments while training clinicians how to navigate common situations to maximize revenues and customer satisfaction.

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