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Why Use an Outside Service for this Critical Function?

How many things can an addiction treatment facility do well? Marketing, admissions, administration, billing, patient treatment, human resources, finance…record keeping? Depending on the size of your center you may not even be able to justify the payroll costs associated with hiring staff to perform these duties. It simply makes sense to outsource to experts the critical functions where you lack expertise so that you can focus on patient treatment and outcomes. In the case of servicing out-of-pocket, deductibles and co-insurance amounts, most treatment centers struggle and many don’t even make an effort. This function is one of the most important drivers of business profitability. It’s desperately needed cash flow that goes directly to the bottom line. For smaller treatment centers it amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually while larger centers are losing millions.

The Solution - The Revenue Solution

This is where we come in. Handling this process in the most holistic and delicate fashion, our expert team takes on the task of working with patients and their families to take care of their responsibilities while at the same time reinforcing a long length of stay in treatment and providing thorough documentation of our efforts to maintain strict compliance.

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Is Your Business Collecting the Right Way?

Unlike the rest of healthcare, it’s not uncommon in addiction treatment to hear of programs not collecting patient responsibility – co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Some programs fear that, because “everyone else does it,” they have to as well or won’t be able to compete. This is not the case, and TJ Ferris, CEO of The Revenue Solution, walks us through how that’s done the right way.

We also need to mention that programs that collect patient responsibility portions of bills are also much more profitable than ones that aren’t.

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