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The Revenue Solution (TRS) contracts with behavioral health facilities across the country to manage their patient responsibility receivables such as deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance, services denied by insurance carriers, Paid-to- Patient (P2P) checks, travel expenses, private-pay extensions etc. All of TRS’ clients are assigned dedicated and experienced staff, thoroughly trained at navigating this challenging situation with compassion. We increase collections anywhere from 4x to upwards of 20x as compared to internal efforts while maintaining strict compliance. Nothing is more compliant than collecting the funds and we collect millions for our clients but we go far past that, documenting all efforts and leaving detailed notes. Our clients can focus 100% of their time on patient care and sleep easy at night knowing we are filling their bank accounts and protecting them against audits, claw-backs and disruptions to their business.


Insurance providers have put treatment centers on review, refusing to pay claims until they can demonstrate they are collecting and not waiving patient financial responsibilities. Our service provides a detailed accounting of all efforts and nothing ensures compliance better than actually recovering patient responsibility.

Industry Leading Results

TRS has refined the process of collecting deductibles and co-pays down to a science. Their expert team increases internal collection efforts from 4x-20x. We take what was thought of as "uncollectable" and turn it into millions of found money.

New Revenue Streams

Our services produce additional revenue by converting insured patients to self-pay once their insurance benefits are denied, maxed out or termed, thereby increasing revenue and improving patient outcomes. It is critical to articulate this message properly to the payer to ensure payment is made.

Paid-To-Patient Claims (P2P)

Paid-to-Patient claims (P2P) can at times exceed $100k. Patients receiving that large sum of money can be tempted to retain it. Our P2P service all but eliminates the days of worrying about your checks being cashed. We start working on the process early and monitor the progress throughout the claims process to ensure near 100% recovery of all P2P reimbursements.

Increased Admissions Without Increased Costs

TRS can help your center increase it’s monthly admissions by upwards of 25% without adding a penny to the marketing budget. Our clients have seen a dramatic increase in month-over-month admissions by following our guidance and changing their approach on patient responsibility.

Maximize Your Profits

The Federal limits on In-network Out-of-Pocket maximums have increased 8% since 2020
0 %
of patients with outstanding medical bills said that deterred them from seeking healthcare in the last 6 months
1 %
of patients who received medical care required financial assistance for their medical bills
0 %
of patients said knowing out-of-pocket expenses in advance impacts likelihood of pursuing care
1 %
Source: Transunion

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